Are you looking for a professional photographer?

Do not choose a Photographer until you read what I have to tell you

But first let’s talk about your family.  It is changing so fast, isn’t it?  Your children (and yes, they will be your “children” even when they’re married and have kids of their own) are growing up, and becoming more like adults every day.

Don’t you wish you could just “freeze time” and hold these special moments forever?



My name is Genevieve Marchand, and capturing wonderful family memories is what I’ve devoted a good part of my life to.  I’m a professional family photographer, but more than that, I’m just like you… I’m a family person.

We Can Stop The Clock.  Memories Are The Most Valuable Thing We Own.

  You see, capturing wonderful family memories is what I’ve devoted my life to.  I believe that to be really great at something, you have to focus on that one thing – and for me, that one thing is family photography.  Although I do other types of photography as well, about 85% of all the photography I do is family photography.

Don’t wait for your children to grow up!

For many years now, I’ve perfected my knowledge, style, and artistic expression through family photography.  And today I am proud to offer this service in my Mont-Saint-Hilaire Studio or, even better, in your home.

If You’re Just Looking For A “Snap-Shot” Of Your Family To Use For Christmas Cards This Year, Stop Reading Now.

However, if the idea of a fine family portrait – one that truly captures the love and relationships you have with your family – a portrait that you will cherish for the rest of your life – if that idea appeals to you, then we really should chat.   In fact, did you know that there are indeed 6 things you should be SURE to look for when choosing a photographer to create your family portraits?

Do you cherish your family more than anything in the world?

Call me on the phone – there’s no cost, and no obligation – and we can chat about your family portraits, and I can even give you tips on things to ask EVERY photographer you contact about this. 

My studio number is (514) 907-5474.  You can call any time, and if I’m not available, leave your name and number, and I’ll call you back as soon as possible.

The 6 Things You Should Look For In A Family Photographer – The Things You Didn’t Know To Ask… 

Before you choose the right photographer for you, there are some things you should know to look for.  These things will make the difference between a beautiful family photograph you will cherish forever, and an “okay” picture you will shove in a drawer to gather dust. So, Here We Go!  The 6 Things That Make A Genevieve Marchand Photography Family Portrait So Special: 

1.  “If you are not THRILLED beyond your expectations – if you don’t cry tears of joy when you look at the photographs – you don’t pay for them.”


“I’ve wanted a studio portrait of my grandchildren for such a long time. And now, with the help of Genevieve, I finally have this portrait that I proudly show to all my friends.”
Carole Gratton – Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec

So don’t forget our guarantee – If you are not completely thrilled with your photograph, you simply don’t pay.

2.  “I meet with you personally BEFORE the photographs (at no extra charge) to help you with every decision – this insures you and your family will look perfect in your photographs.” This is such an important step!  There are only a handful of photographers in Quebec who do this, and I DON’T CHARGE YOU FOR IT!  I will meet with you before the session day to help you choose clothing, talk about location, help you with questions about hair and makeup, etc.  All of these things are vital to the creation of a great photograph!

3.  “You can have this photograph created ANYWHERE you like in the area, at no extra charge.  So you’re options are not just a ‘painted background’ in a studio – you can also have your photographs created outdoors, in your home, at the beach – wherever you like.  I’ll even help you decide on the perfect location.” One of the best ways of personalizing a photograph of your family is going to be by creating it  in a location that is beautiful and personal to you? The location will be like an additional personality in your photograph. And believe me, in ten years when you will be looking at the portrait, you’ll be so happy to have chosen a location that may have changed over time as well.

4.  “Natural expressions are guaranteed – I not only have ‘focused’ (no pun intended) on my photography skills, but I’ve also mastered ways of working with subjects to get the best and most natural expressions every time.” We’ve all seen photographs where the subjects looked fake and posed – and those photographs never look good.   Why have a family photograph created if your family doesn’t look natural?  There are a number of ways to insure that each of your family members look their best in the photographs.  And, I’ll give you a hint, I’ll NEVER make any of your family members “say cheese.”

Having images of our son at a young age is important to me.  I’m so glad we had portraits taken by Geneviève.”  - Jessica Ford, Mont-Saint-Hilaire

“Having images of our son at a young age was important to me. I’m so glad we had portraits taken by Geneviève.”
Jessica Ford, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec

5.  “Because of my own family, I understand how important these photographs will be to you.”  When I was growing up, my parents never had a nice family photograph created.  . And now, now that my parents are older and my brother and sisters have long since left home, I know they wish they had had done a good picture of us five together created at the time we lived under the same roof. You see, I understand how much these photographs are going to mean to you, and I feel I have a huge responsibility to make them perfect for you.  I didn’t get into photography because it seemed like a surefire way to make money.  I got into photography because of my love for my family, and a love for helping other families capture the memories that will last a lifetime.

A good family portrait will last a lifetime and serves as a window to a precious moment in your life.

6.  “I will only do a MAXIMUM of one portrait sessions per day.  What does this mean to you?  It means that I will never be rushing to get your session done so I can move on to the next.  Your photographs will be perfect, because I devote all my time and focus to your family.”  This is so important!  Most photographers try to cram 5 to 10 sessions into one day!  That’s crazy!  They have about enough time to set up a couple lights, snap a few images, then fly out the door on their way to the next session.  I made the decision 40 years ago that I wasn’t going to work that way.  You get my undivided attention, and I’m not going to be rushing off to do another session, leaving you and your family with less-than-perfect portraits.  My father taught me – “anything worth doing is worth doing right.”  I believe that 100%, and that’s why I’d rather do one great sessions a day, rather than 10 “okay” sessions.  It’s a matter of pride.  You’re trusting me with your family’s memories.  I take that responsibility VERY seriously.

So What’s The Next Step?

 Nous voulions offrir en cadeau à nos parents une photo original de leurs petits enfants.   Geneviève a trouvé l’endroit idéal avec les vergers en fleurs.  Quel joli paysage!  Et que dire des enfants!  Que de beau souvenirs pour non seulement mes parents mais pour moi aussi.  Merci Geneviève! Chantal Callaghan - Chateauguay

We wanted to offer our parents an original picture of their grandchildren. Genevieve found the ideal location in a flowering orchard. What a pretty sight. And the children too were just great. These are great souvenirs for not only my parents but for me as well. Thank you Genevieve!
Chantal Callaghan – Chateauguay, Quebec

The next step is a very simple and painless one.  Simply pick up the phone, and call me.  There’s no cost, and no obligation to speak with me on the phone.  I’ll answer any questions you may have.  I can give you an indication of what you could plan on investing for your family portraits.  And most importantly, I can find out specifics from you about what’s most important to you about these photographs.
My Studio Number Is         (514) 907-5474. 

And after We Chat, If You Do Decide To Book A Session With Me, I’ll Give You 50% Off The Creation Of Your Portraits, But Only If You Book By August 31st 2013.

These are precious times, and although things will change, this moment never has to slip from your fingers.

First, Your Child Takes His or Her First Step.  Next, Learns To Ride A Bike.  Later, Gets A Driver’s License.  Graduates From High School.  Gets Married.  Starts A Family Of His or Her Own.

Don’t put this off.  You know how life is.  We put things off, and before we know it, everything has changed.  If your life is half as crazy as mine is, year after year you find yourself frustrated at the things you wanted to do, and never got done. 

A family portrait is something you deserve.  And you deserve it now.

I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Genevieve Marchand P.S. – The time is now.  There’s no cost, and no obligation, and all you have to do is pick up the phone and call.  No matter who you decide to have create your photographs, the information you discover will be priceless.  And remember, if you call me (just to chat) and end up booking a session before August 31st, 2013, you’ll save 50% off the creation fee of your family photography!